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Paigaam- The Message

                                             These pages are dedicated to ghazal, a very fine type of urdu poetry .Ghazal is now being written in various languages like Hindi , Punjabi , Dogri , Pahari , Bangla , Sindhi , Gujrati , Marathi and many more. But ghazal can not be dividedas Hindi Ghazal , Urdu Ghazal , Punjabi Ghazal, Dogri Ghazal, Pahari Ghazal,Bangla Ghazal, Sindhi Ghazal, Gujrati Ghazal, Marathi Ghazal or some other Ghazal. Ghazal is only Ghazal and there are some particular rules for it. If a composition follow those particular rules then it is ghazal if it does not follow them then it is not a ghazal. 

           Here in this site we are presenting only ghazals and nothing else. The whole text on this site is basically divided in two parts.

1. Ghazals

 2. Articals on ghazal

Many of ghazals are from ghazal maestros of the past and present. Mirza Ghalib, Janab Meer Taqi Meer, Khwaja Haider Ali Atish, Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim Zauk, Janab Ameer Minaee, Janab Bahadur Shah Zafar, Janab Mirza Khan Daagh,Janab Momin Khan Momin, Allama Iqbal,Janab Ratan Pandorvi are the prominent names in  past ghazal maestros whereas in present Ghazals poets we have three genration toghether starting with Janab Rajender Nath 'Rehbar', Janab Ishwar Datt 'Anjum', Janab Mohinder Pratap 'Chand', Janab Krishan 'Gautam' .The list includes 150 poets of various age groups and various tastes. This list is growing day by day due to contribution of more and more talented poets dedicated to ghazal.

Anyone can contribute his/her poems to paigaam the poems fulfill the condition of being ghazals. We check the ghazals contributed by the poets and if they are worth adding to the collection, they are added . Detailed rules for adding ghazals in the collection are available here .

 Experts are also invited to send articles on ghazals. If we find them worth displaying they will be displayed on the site with due credits.

Ghazals collected here will be released as an e-book and sent to a group of more than 10000 serious readers all over the world through e-mail and CD. This group include a number of established singers. They can select and sing ghazals from this collection. If you like ghazals you can also be a part of the group receiving the complete collection of ghazals in your mail-box or order a CD that can be viewed on computer and/or a good CD player. click here to reserve your copy of the final collection releasing on 15 August 2006.





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